“After All” took place on the 19th of October 2017, during the th annual “UP-ON” Festival in Chengdu / China.

Subsequent to the inaugural address, all participants were admitted to the rooms of the Art Museum of the Sichuan University They traversed a narrow hallway wich lead to the rotund room. This is were I awaited them and distributed them small, white stones personally. After the distribution was completed, I guided the group to another room wherethe following performance was going to happen. Thus the rst part of the action was concluded.

The second part was realised approximately four hours later, after several other performances were finished.Nobody knew what would happen in the second part of my performance. The time gap between the two parts, served to establish a connection between the objects (stones) and the individuals, carrying them over several hours close to their bodies. During the meantime I prepared the setting for continuing the action.

The final ritual took place in the same room as in part one. After the participants gathered again, further steps were explained to them. Everybody was encouraged to step out of the crowd individually and head to a table, which was placed centrally in the room. There were a vise, a hammer and a pair of gloves on the table. Everyone crashed their stone and transformed it into powder. With more crushed stones more powder accumulated on the table. Thus all separate elements came together to a single “Whole”. An object (material) with history is created. A happening, a moment as a mark on the timeline was materialised.

Part 1:

Participants enter the Exhibition Room and receive the stones. After everyone got his stone, I led the group to the other room where the next performance began. My action opened the whole festival. (First Performance)

Part 2:

A few hours later: I explained what the action is about and invite everyone to participate. Everyone was in focus for a brief moment and smashed the stone in own, individual way. The last participant was the curator of the festival (Zhou Bin). He collected several battered pieces of stone next to the vise, placed them in his mouth and delivereda closing speech. After he finished, he took the stones out of his mouth and put them back on the vise. People applauded.